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The competition is open to grades K-5.   Teams of up to 12 will compete in 13 different events. Membership fee of $165 ($195 late) includes a FREE workshop registration for 2 people from a team. The two from the team who can attend is open to a teacher, parent, or a student. Schools can enter as many teams as they would like.  Additional attendees can attend at a cost of $45 per person.


No refunds after March 1. Refunds for teams that register on a date 60 days prior to the requested refund may be assessed a PayPal credit card transaction fee of 2.9%. PayPal can not issue refunds greater than 60 days from the date of the transaction.


All schools must register online.  Payment methods include credit card, purchase order, or check.  Schools paying using a purchase order or check will receive an invoice by e-mail for payment. Payment must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the tournament otherwise their tournament attendance will be withdrawn and the team billed. 


2018 Competition Registration Fee:

$165 Per Team Prior to Feb 15.

$195 Per Team After Feb 15.


Includes workshop registration for two people per team.

Additional people can attend the workshop for a cost of $45 per person.


Fees include the tournament registration, national elementary membership, and the state membership. Rules books from the national office are provided to schools that register for the first time.


Competition Dates:

ESO - Central Competition: April 21, 2018

ESO - Jacksonville: March 10, 2018

ESO - FAU: May 5, 2018, Deadline for registration April 1.

ESO - HCC Tampa: Feb. 3, 2018 (open to 5 teams only)


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