This page contains information that is needed prior to the competition day. Forms, information and clarifications are found here.


Directions: The Team Coach will download the Code of Conduct, Parent Code of Conduct, Press Release Form and Emergency Contact Form. These forms must be completed and brought to the tournament on the morning of the competition.


The Student List Form can be filled out online by logging into the Team Landing Page. If the principal electronically approves the team roster, there will be no need to bring a paper copy of this form.


If the principal requires a paper copy, it can be printed from the Team Landing Page to be signed by the principal.


Parents must sign the Parent Code of Conduct form. Students must sign the Code of Conduct form. While the Press Release Form is included, it is optional to have parents sign this form. However, if they do not sign, students should avoid photography that is occuring during the competition. Photographs are used to promote Science Olympiad and for Press Releases.


The remaining forms are optional and are useful for the team preparations.




To Be Turned In At Registration: PRINT OUT, FILL OUT, and BRING WITH YOU

These are additional forms that are useful for team preparation